Trivia: Marvin Gaye

  • Creator Breakdown: Here, My Dear was written in the aftermath of Gaye's divorce from his first wife and in an atmosphere of impending financial ruin. Listening to it, it immediately becomes clear it could not have been written and recorded by a man who was in a good emotional place.
    • Tammi Terrell's death from a brain tumor hit him especially hard. "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" is undoubtedly their most famous hit together, and Gaye stated that he considered her to be like a sister to him. Needless to say, her death caused him to spiral into a life of drugs and alcohol from which he never fully recovered.
  • Executive Meddling: What's Going On was intially rejected as a single by Berry Gordy. Once Gaye threatened to leave Motown if the single was not released, Gordy released it.
  • He Also Did: He played the memorable synth bass part himself on "Got To Give It Up".
  • What Could Have Been: Gaye and Barry White were planning to record an album together. Then Gaye got shot.