Trivia / Marvel 2099

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Aside from Spider-Man 2099 (the most popular series), X-Men 2099 (which along with Spider-Man 2099 was reprinted in trade paperbacks), and Warren Ellis's Doom 2099 run, the 2099 books have never been reprinted.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Averted. Appearances aside, the disaster that ended the line had been planned well in advance, and was going to be the linchpin for the transition to the Marvel 2101 line. The bodycount would probably not have been near as high, though, if things as gone as planned.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In the original draft of Ravage 2099ís final issue, Doom would have sent Ravage and the Hellrock denizens into another dimension, while he destroyed the island. Doom even briefly alludes to this.
    • Fantastic Four 2099 didn't even last 10 issues, and it only had 5 before the entire 2099 staff quit. What makes this far worse is that it was shaping up to be the range's best title since Spider-Man 2099.
    • Evidence shows that Goblin 2099 was not originally intended to be Gabriel O'Hara but instead Father Jennifer, Dana's sister.
    • Mark Waid had written a proposition for a Daredevil 2099 ongoing series, which was never picked up.
    • There was going to be a video game based on the 2099 comics that was meant to released on the original PlayStation in 1996/1997 called Marvel 2099: One Nation Under Doom. There where screen shots and playable demos of the game in it's run up but it canceled at the last minute.
  • Writer Revolt: When Marvel fired Joey Cavalieri as a cost-cutting exercise, most of the writers quit in protest. The line limped on for a while before collapsing, and Marvel wrapped things up by getting Len Kaminski to write a one-shot, 2099: Manifest Destiny. Kaminski was the writer of Ghost Rider 2099, and the opening narration makes it quite clear whose side he's on:
    This world had itself a god once. Not a perfect one, there's not a one of 'em are, but this 'un was kind and honest, and knew more'n most about creatin'.
    Things were goin' pretty well for longer than they usually do, until the soulless credheads crawled in from the outer darks an' took over hereabouts. They drove our god and his loyal minions into the outer darks, and ain't nothing gone right since.