Trivia / Marmaduke

The Movie

  • Advertised Extra: David Walliams receives top billing even though he appears in only one scene.
  • Creator Killer: While producer John Davis survived, director Tom Dey wasn't so lucky.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Coming from two directions. William H. Macy was the dignified older actor phoning in for a paycheck. Lee Pace is the critically acclaimed young actor who's previous show was cancelled and had to take what he could get.
  • Pet Fad Starter: The film managed to avert this occurrence, as the eponymous Great Dane is portrayed as being very high-maintenance to say the least. Certain animal welfare groups were concerned about this trope, but it doesn't appear that the film has done much to increase or decrease the popularity of Danes. The utter failure of the film at the box office probably didn't hurt.
  • What Could Have Been: