!!The Movie:
* CastTheExpert: The scene where Reba touches a sedated tiger features a real sedated tiger. The veterinarian is played by a real veterinarian.
* CompletelyDifferentTitle: The translation of the film's French title is ''The Sixth Sense''.
* EnforcedMethodActing: Since Tom Noonan remained segregated from the rest of the cast, the fright on Stephen Lang's face during TheReveal of Dolarhyde was genuine.
* PlayingAgainstType: Chris Elliott, of all people, in a straight role as one of the FBI techs.
* UnintentionalPeriodPiece: The soundtrack and fashions in the film permanently mark it as a product of TheEighties.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** [[http://www.avclub.com/articles/brian-cox,2424/ According to Brian Cox]], Brian Dennehy was "sort of in the loop" to play Lektor. Dennehy, for whatever reason, recommended that they check out Cox, who was performing in a play at the time. Also considered were Creator/BruceDern, Creator/JohnLithgow and Creator/MandyPatinkin.
** The studio wanted [[Series/MiamiVice Don Johnson]] for Will Graham. Creator/JeffBridges, Creator/RichardGere, Creator/MelGibson and Creator/PaulNewman were considered.
** Creator/DavidLynch was originally considered to direct.
* WorkingTitle: The film was originally going to be entitled ''Red Dragon'', the same name as the novel. However, when ''Film/YearOfTheDragon'' became a box office failure, Dino De Laurentiis decided to avoid a "dragon" title.

!!The Video Game:

* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** Some sources indicate that the third game was going to be set in Chicago and the fourth and final in London. Others claim London for third and Orbs' homeworlds for fourth.
** Advertisements for the games claimed the player would have to decide whether to remain a loyal servant of the Orbs or join the resistance. There are no opportunities for such decisions in the actual games.