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Trivia: Magnum, P.I.
  • Actor Allusion: One episode is an Affectionate Parody of Raiders of the Lost Ark, a movie Tom Selleck was considered to do the lead in, but gave up to do this show instead.
  • The Danza: Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum.
  • Fake Brit: John Hillerman, a native Texan, playing a retired British Army Sergeant Major — and playing him so convincingly even British viewers thought he was a genuine Brit.
    • In "Luther Gillis, File #001", Higgins insists on accompanying Gillis into a cowboy bar. When Gillis says they won't talk to a "limey", Higgins grabs Gillis by the lapels and intones "Who you callin' a limey, boy?" in a broad Texas drawl. He played the whole bar scene this way.
  • Hey, It's That Gal!: The daughter of T.C.'s friend in "A Sense Of Debt" is Brenda Walsh.
  • The Other Darrin: DA Carol Baldwin was played by Patty McCormick in the character's first appearance and by Kathleen Lloyd in twenty episodes.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The producers actually planned to reveal Orson Welles as Robin Masters when the series ended. Unfortunately, though, Welles died in 1985 before the storyline could materialize.
    • Don Bellisario's later show Quantum Leap was going to have a crossover episode, but unfortunately the Magnum series was established as existing within that show's universe, and he preferred to avoid the Celebrity Paradox.
    • Jack Lord was approached several times to appear on the series, but he never did (in fact, once Hawaii Five-O ended he never acted againnote ).
  • Written By Cast Member: Roger E. Mosley co-wrote "Missing Melody," one of the few episodes of the series to focus on his character of T.C.

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