Trivia / Lunar: The Silver Star

  • Breakthrough Hit: Lunar: The Silver Star was Working Designs' first big success as a publisher.
  • Killer App: Silver Star remained one of the best selling games for the Sega CD addon, both in Japan and the US.
  • Method Acting: Ghaleon's voice actor in Silver Star Story, John Truitt, was forced by the Working Designs team to deliver the character's Final Speech while drinking over a gallon of milk, in order to make his voice and coughing suitably wet and phlegmy. He apparently (and understandably) felt quite sick afterwards.
  • No Export for You: The PC port of Silver Star Story, which does have higher resolution than the PlayStation and Sega Saturn versions and better video playback for the FMV cutscenes, but the port was only released in Japan and South Korea. An English version of the port was planned, but it was too buggy and unstable to be made.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Only five characters (Alexnote , Lunanote , Nallnote , Quarknote , and Ghaleonnote ) speak in The Silver Star. When Silver Star Story was made, those five all got different voice actors in the Japanese versionnote .
    • Meanwhile, the five English actors who did The Silver Star (Ashley Angel, Rhonda Gibson, Jackie Powers, Hal Delahousse, and John Truitt) returned for Silver Star Story along with a slew of new actors for the other characters. The English roster changed completely when Silver Star Harmony was released.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Lunar Wiki.