Trivia / Luna Game

  • Anonymous Author: The creators of both the canon series and the fan game have kept their identities hidden from the community, though the former has shared his identity only with a certain Strawberry Spice — an administrator to Equestria Gaming (previously) and ambiguous friend — both in order to help stay anonymous and maintaining the author's site.
  • Ascended Fanon: The setting of this edition was inspired by a comment from Equestria Gaming's LG2 post, as admitted by the creator.
  • Kill the Ones You Love: The creator, himself, with Luna. As stated in an interview:
    "Yes I know I kill her in some pretty horrible ways, but I do it because I love her."
  • Shrug of God/Teasing Creator: The creator had not given a definite answer during either of his two interviews when asked of the story behind the Luna Games, only responding with:
    "If you look deep enough into the series, I'm sure you can already find one. ;)"
    "Well, if you want to view that as the story, I'm not stopping you.
    I'm leaving the story open to interpretation."
  • The Wiki Rule: Not an actual Wiki of itself, though; the games have their own article on the Creepypasta Wiki and on the MLP Fan Labor Wiki.