Trivia / Lingo

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The 1980s version hasn't been seen since it ended, and few episodes circulate. This, despite being owned by ION (formerly PAX) and included in its 2007 Viewers' Vote.
  • Missing Episode: A series of Hawaiian episodes was taped in June 2005, offering a trip to Hawaii to the winning contestants. These episodes were scheduled to air in October, but sat for 14 months before finally airing on New Year's Day 2007, because the original sponsor dropped out.
  • Troubled Production: The original version had financial issues which led to several contestants never getting paid. In fact, Michael Reagan left the show as a result of this, not because of money, but because he feared that it was tarnishing the reputation of his father, Ronald Reagan, who was already smarting politically from the Iran-Contra affair and from Black Monday of 1987.
  • Un-Canceled: Twice by GSN.