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Trivia: Life
  • Actor-Shared Background: Dani states in one episode that her mother is Persian (and she's shown speaking Farsi), making her half Iranian like Sarah Shahi, the actress portraying her.
  • Fake American: Charlie is played by English actor Damien Lewis.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Roman is played by Garret Dillahunt, the actor who plays Cromartie on The Sarah Connor Chronicles. In a minor variant, he appeared on Life before SCC even started, and returned for season 2. Dani is also the very first ghost on Supernatural.
    • There must have been some connection between Life and Deadwood. Besides Dillahunt, who played two characters on Deadwood, there was Brent Sexton (Bobby Stark on Life, Harry Manning on Deadwood), Robin Weigert (Karen Davis on Life, Calamity Jane on Deadwood), and Titus Welliver (Kyle Hollis on Life, Silas Adams on Deadwood), as well as William Sanderson (who played E.B. Farnum on Deadwood) in a guest part. Almost all were prominent characters on both shows.
      • Several of the cast later appeared on Terriers - Donal Logue (Tidwell/Hank Dolworth) being the most prominent.
    • Someone had to have recognized the titular character as Major Winters. Skip Muck (who is also Gabriel) and Bull Randlemann turn up too.
    • There exists the possibility that when Crews sent Rachel Seybolt off to safety, he didn't send her far, only to Neptune in the care of his good friend Tom Griffiths.
    • Charlie's dad is engaged to Joan Holloway, when she's not being YoSaffBridge.
    • Ted is Ethan Zobelle. Talk about polar opposites!
    • Captain Tidwell was a revolutionary during the War for Independence, and once took on Blade.
    • One of the writers, Scott M. Gimple, also previously created a Cop Show of his own — Fillmore!
    • Sheriff Dearborn shows up as a drunk homeless man, Nigel is the Prison Warden whose Stanford Prison expy goes terribly wrong, Tommy Mickens is the nephew of two shut-ins, Rene is a serial killer groupie (go figure) and Jessica shows up as a rape victim.
    • The Zen professor is Mike Novick.
    • Luke is one of the "prisoners" in "Not For Nothing".
    • Devin Pillsbury helps run a meal service for disabled people.
    • Dawn Trager - when she's not being Meg - is a serial killer groupie who decides to commit a few murders herself. Daddy would be proud.
    • Bela is the troubled younger sister of a victim of the week. Guess all that zombie fighting and werewolf hunting must have gotten to her.
      • Boone is the conservative husband who murdered his wife and attempted to frame his sister-in-law in order to further his bid for Senate.
    • Narcissa Malfoy is the security specialist, and is married to Yassen Gregorovich in real life.

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