Trivia: Leverage

  • Actor Allusion:
    • Wil Wheaton's hacker character calls himself "Chaos", which may be a nod to the Axis of Anarchy, and is nicknamed "Kobayashi Maru" by the government.
    • In "The Studio Job" Eliot (Christian Kane) becomes a minor country music star (playing "Thinking of You" a song from Kane's album The House Rules), basically a Captain Ersatz of his younger self called "Kenneth Crane" (The actor's initials reversed with a rhyming last name). There's even a fan site set up called "Craniak." Fans of Christian Kane's music career are often called "Kaniacs". Most Kaniacs are female, and Eliot as Crane garners mostly female fans. Borders on Celebrity Paradox or perhaps No Celebrities Were Harmed.
    • Nate spends the majority of "The 10 Lil Grifters Job" trapped in an office while the rest of the team plays detective for him; just like his old boss Nero Wolfe. The episode was a somewhat missed opportunity as Nate's fictional detective wasn't Archie Goodwin, but it was made up for by the fact that Nate's fictional detective was Ellery Queen, one of the best-known TV roles of Timothy Hutton's father, Jim Hutton.
    • In that same episode, one of The Mark's employees calls him a vampire, and says he wants to put a literal stake through his heart. While talking to Eliot, i.e. Lindsey from Angel, who has some experience with vampires.
    • In "The Reunion Job", Hardison guesses that Eliot was the quarterback in high school. Ironic that it is Aldis Hodge who plays star high school QB Ray "Voodoo" Tatum in Friday Night Lights.
    • Saul Rubinek plays an executive at Bering Aerospace, likely accidental given that "The Nigerian Job" aired a year before Warehouse 13. However, in season four, he gets a minion named Latimer. Word of God says it was unintentional, though.
    • Jonathan Frakes directed "The First Contact Job" (and plenty of other episodes). Eliot's alias in that episode is "Willie Riker," though Word of God says that this one was unintentional, since the Riker reference was written into the episode before Frakes was brought on to direct.
    • Nate's backstory of getting divorced after his son's death brings to mind Timothy Hutton's most famous role in Ordinary People.
      • Also, Tom Skerritt was chosen to play Nate's father due to his having been the first choice to play Hutton's father in that film, which he turned down.
  • Dueling Shows: With White Collar. Skilled and rather flamboyant thief/thieves are recruited by the good guys to create some Asshole Victims.
  • Fan Communities: The Grifters.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Tons. In particular, it seems the casting director watches a lot of sci-fi.
    Hardison: The CIA computer guys call him the Kobayashi Maru.
    Eliot: ...who's that?
    Hardison: None of you guys got that, seriously?
    Parker: Star Trek.
    Hardison: Thank you.
    • Between the Kobayashi Maru and asking Hardison to get Sophie to dress up as Counselor Troi, and the fact that Jonathan Frakes routinely directs the show, Chaos is a walking Celebrity Paradox.
    • Jeri Ryan is the Special Guest of "The Lost Heir Job". The Special Guest part is subverted; she stayed through the end of Season 2.
    • Lampshaded in "The 12-Step Job" when Nate refers to an old gentleman in his rehab group as Nick Nolte. Uncredited, unconfirmed, but if it's not him, then it's a subversion rather than a lampshade, as none of the other cases are recognized.
    • The suicidal woman, the pretending to be sick patient and a few other Scrubs alumni joined the show.
    • Kevin's dad is a mob boss in "The Wedding Job."
    • Matt Keeslar in "The Zanzibar Marketplace Job".
    • Raiders fans undoubtably recognized their All-Pro cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha as Giancarlo Esposito's henchman in "The Scheherazade Job".
    • NHL star Jeremy Roenick makes a cameo as a security guard in "The Mile High Job."
    • "The Nigerian Job" has Artie as The Mark.
      • Who also appeared on Next Gen (as the guy who kidnapped Data for his museum), and had a recurring character on Frasier (as Niles' lawyer, and later, Daphne's fiance).
    • D.B. Sweeney is Nate's priest friend in "The Miracle Job."
    • Tess / Mindy O'Dell shows up in "The Two-Horse Job."
      • Apparently, Louis Litt was a crooked horse owner before becoming a lawyer.
    • Is that Anna stealing cars instead of people's blood in "The Boost Job"?
    • Season 3, episode 3 has Richard Chamberlain. Don't know who that is? Ask your mom. Also, he was the original Jason Bourne.
    • Season 3, "The Studio Job"— Look, it's one of the Duke boys! And he's turned out very, very bad.
    • Quintessential "That Guy" Clancy Brown is the bad guy in "The Gone Fishin' Job." His appearance does raise the possibility that the entire Leverage universe is just part of Jack Shepard's purgatory.
    • Dr. Phlox in "The Rashomon Job."
    • Moreau, the Big Bad arms dealer the team is tracking in Season 3, turns out to be none other than Luka Kovac.
    • A few from "The Ten Li'l Grifters Job" - the mark is Mr. Matthews. His daughter is Jordan (or Jenny Matrix). The cop is Steven Flynn, who Firefly fans will recognize as the captain who attempts to steal Serenity in "Out of Gas."
    • Hey, look! Paul Kinsey is in "The 15 Minutes Job" and hasn't aged a day!
    • Roger Murtaugh is Charlie Lawson in "The Van Gogh Job." There's a lot of gamesmanship with the painting, but his character is too old for that shit.
    • Peter Stormare is the documentary filmmaker with the hots for Parker in "The Office Job."
    • Jimmy Ford, Nate's dad, is Tom Skerritt (Top Gun's Viper, Alien's Dallas).
    • Aunt Zelda is the target in "The Three Days of the Hunter Job."
    • Adam Baldwin shows up in "The (Really) Big Bird Job" and "The Rundown Job".
    • Principal Strickland shows up as the nasty old man stealing a heart in "The Cross My Heart Job".
    • Matthew Lillard shows up as the mark, Gabe Erickson, in "The Real Fake Car Job".
    • Emma Caulfield, otherwise known as Anya, takes the role of the mark Meredith in "The Lonely Hearts Job."
    • Buddy Holly's bass player appears as the mark in "The Beantown Bailout Job."
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Hardison is the voice of King in Alpha Teens on Machines.
    • If Jodi from the episode "The Future Job" sounds familiar to you, it's because she's portrayed by Jen Taylor.
    • "The Wedding Job" has Nicole Sullivan, best known for her roles as Shego and Mira Nova.
    • If one listens closely then he/she can figure out that the prison head from "The Jailhouse Job" is Spy, though his voice is the same as when he played the helicopter pilot. By extension he's also the Pyro.
  • Line to God: John Rogers has a blog.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: While Parker's not downright mean, she can be cold, distant and abrasive at her worst. Beth Riesgraf is a big ball of sunshine.
  • Throw It In: Nate's laughter upon realizing the warehouse is a trap in the pilot. This scene was actually the first time the show's stars had met, and Timothy Hutton asked the director if he could do something "a little crazy" to see how they all responded.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: John Rogers acknowledges several times in the commentaries that the show came along at the exact right time, with America reeling from its economic meltdown and having a ton of resentment toward the big corporations that let it happen. So it was able to become a quite pertinent revenge fantasy.
  • The Wiki Rule: Leverage Wiki: One of two Leverage wikis.
  • Word of God: The commentary reveals that Parker didn't kill her foster parents in the flashback from the pilot, but simply blew up the house while they were both at work.