Trivia / Leonard Part 6

  • Box Office Bomb: Ultimately, the public listened to Cosby's cries to stay away from this movie; Budget, $24 million. Box office, $4,615,255.
  • Creator Backlash / Old Shame: Bill Cosby might have be co-produced and co-wrote this film, but he ended up begging audiences not to see it shortly before its release. When the film won a Golden Raspberry Award, Cosby asked the studio make his statuette out of gold and marble so he could accept it in style.
  • Creator Killer: Leonard Part 6 was one of the handful of movies that led to distributor Columbia winding up in Sony's hands by 1991, though the damage this film did was more reputation-oriented.
  • Star-Derailing Role: For Bill Cosby.

  • This movie won a lot of Razzies, one of which was for Worst Picture of 1987.