Trivia / Lemmings

  • Follow the Leader: A case where the main game is still very popular, but nobody remembers all the imitators it has spawned. Troddlers? Creepers? Anyone?
  • Killer App: Although it's a multi-platform game, it started on the Amiga and was regarded as one of the best games of the platform.
  • Market-Based Title: All-New World of Lemmings was released as The Lemmings Chronicles in America.
  • Missing Episode: The Windows 95 version removed several levels from the original game.
    • All of the levels using special graphics ("A Beast of a Level", "MENACING!!", "What an AWESOME Level", "A Beast II of a Level") were removed, presumably due to the game engine's inability to replicate them.
    • "All the 6's", presumably due to censorship reasons (see The Number of the Beast below)
    • The first "We All Fall Down", possibly to cut down on excessive repetition
    • The only Oh No! More Lemmings level that was omitted was "Introducing SUPERLEMMING", likely due to the game engine's inability to reproduce the fast-forward gimmick that the original level employed.
  • Port Overdosed: One of the top examples. Lemmings has been released for practically everything with an electronic display from the past 20 years, at least up until the Sony takeover..