Trivia: Legend of Galactic Heroes

  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Boring Germans in Space", due to one of the sides having noticeable Germanic influence and the fact that some anime fans find it painfully slow-paced.
    • A variant is "Boring Gay Germans in Space" - for obvious reasons.
    • Or, for a little Fun with Acronyms, Lots of Gay Hentai.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: A side effect of Loads and Loads of Characters. Let's just have a very short list:
  • Portmanteau Series Nickname: Gineiden, short for the Japanese title Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu.
  • No Export for You: Thankfully, not the malicious version, but the practical version. Quite a few distributors would love to bring a franchise with this much quality and prestige out in the West, but at this juncture the logistics of such an undertaking are staggering in their scope. Even discounting the side-stories, there are one hundred and ten episodes to dub into English or even just subtitle (which, discounting the OP/ED portions, still amounts to something on the order of thirty-six hours of material), and realistically good sales would require dubbing; if dubbed there are at least dozens if not hundreds of actors to recruit, quality of footage and transfer must be ensured for all the material, if dubbed the entire soundtrack has to be re-layered into the English track (again, thirty-six hours of such), and then the distribution company would have to distribute a product that is roughly equal in length to the first three seasons of Battlestar Galactica combined. It might have been possible years ago had the series been released in America roughly coequal to the Japanese releases, but at this point outside of a television deal (for a series which contains animation that is upwards of twenty years old) with advertising support, any kind of domestic release is completely impossible. An OVA-style release would be suicide in the current market, even at five episodes per disc: five episodes per disc at, say $30 would still equal a twenty-two disc set that would cost the consumer six hundred and sixty dollars. So barring a miracle with Sci-Fi or Cartoon Network or a similarly interested television network, a United States or European release will never happen - not due to any apathy or maliciousness on the part of anyone on either side of the Pacific, but just from the sheer, mind-boggling scale of such an undertaking in the current market.
    • The hobbyist fansubbers who have subbed LoGH with the highest dedication and quality themselves took years to complete it - the final episode of the second Gaiden series was released in September 2010. The first season of the main series had been completed in 2003. Anyone attempting to translate LoGH faces an absurdly Herculean task.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: There are a few of them though throughout the series, in Golden Wings, Hikaru Midorikawa is Reinhard and Takehito Koyasu is Kircheis.