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Trivia: Legend

The film

  • Creator Backlash: Tom Cruise reportedly wasn't happy with the American cut of the film and wouldn't talk about Legend for years because of it. He very much encouraged fans to go with the Director's Cut.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices
    • Gump is voiced by the actress who plays Blix.
    • And Meg Mucklebones is voiced by Robert Picardo.
  • Dawson Casting: David Bennent was about 18 when he played the boy-elf Gump and Annabelle Lanyon, who played the faerie Oona, was about 24.
  • What Could Have Been: Scott's film originally ran much longer and had a number of scenes deleted from it, at least two of which were not included in the director's cut.
    • The first involved an alternate opening sequence wherein the goblins encounter the unicorns, represented as light beams, and report back to Darkness. For the most part, this sequence is uninteresting but for two elements: one, features four goblins (the fourth, Tic, comes to a bad end), and two, it explains why Blunder has a chicken foot for a left hand (Darkness changed it when Blunder spoke out of turn).
    • The second is an extended version of the scene by Jack's fire wherein Gump is even less forgiving of Jack than in the director's cut, using his violin to magically force Jack to dance before making him answer the riddle. This explains Jack's sudden sweatiness and seeming exhaustion between shots in the finished version, and why Gump refers to him as "riddle-solver, dancing fool and faerie-friend". On the Blu-Ray the scene is represented by stills and storyboards over the surviving soundtrack. A couple of behind the scenes shots are also seen in the accompanying making-of documentary.
    • There are also elements from the original script which Scott never even attempted, such as Lily's encounter with a "house brownie" (like the ones in Willow), Lily transforming into a humanoid cat creature, Darkness growing huge bat wings during his battle with Jack, a final revelation that Jack is actually immortal, and the unicorn taking Darkness down after the sun sets causing the light trick used to send Darkness to his doom fails.

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