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Trivia: Legacy of the Aldenata
  • Write Who You Know:
    • Ringo does this enough that it could almost be called his signature style. Just one, of the numerous examples of this is early in a A Hymn Before Battle O'Neal wants to speak with a science fiction author named David who specializes in space naval combat. This is probably a reference to either David Weber or David Drake, fellow Baen Books writers with whom he is friends.
    • Another example of this is Joe Buckley, although his character wasn't specifically given a full name until the third book in the Posleen War Series.
    • O'Neal himself is a former military man in the 82nd Airborne Division who left the service and went into private life in a technology-related job. Guess what Ringo was doing before he got his book contract?
    • Colonel Cutprice is explicitly based on Colonel David Hackworth, one of the most decorated soldiers in the US Army.

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