Trivia / Lee Van Cleef

  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Van Cleef became known as the archetypical cold and brooding guy in Western. In real life he was devoted to his family, and had an enduring friendship with his Italian stuntman Romano Puppo, who was one of his pallbearers, and he once accidentally sawed off his finger joint building a playhouse for his daughter.
  • Playing Against Type: He played a Hot-Blooded Anti-Villain in The Bravados.
  • Typecasting: Hero or villain, his characters were often cold and brooding.

  • After his leg injury (he lost a kneecap), Van Cleef's doctors told him he wasn't allowed on a horse ever again. Since it's hard to make westerns without getting on a horse from time to time, he mostly rode circus horses from then on - they were used to moving slowly and weren't easy to startle.