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Trivia: Lawrence of Arabia
  • Deleted Scenes: Despite the extensive restoration done in 1989, the currently available cut of Lawrence (216 minutes without overture and intermission) still misses several sequences present in the original 1962 release. The most famous is a longer version of Lawrence's meeting with Allenby in Jerusalem towards the end, the so-called "balcony" or "seduction" scene. According to Robert Harris this scene couldn't be restored because of a poor audio match. It is included in the 2012 Blu-Ray release, with Charles Gray dubbing Jack Hawkins as Allenby.
  • Troubled Production: Check out the entry on the pertinent page. Along with Apocalypse Now and Heaven's Gate, Lawrence is pretty much a Trope Codifier.
  • What Could Have Been: Several actors were offered the leading role, including Marlon Brando, but Lean initially seemed set on Albert Finney, an unknown actor with few roles to his credit. Finney received an elaborate, four day screen test, performing scenes from early script drafts with several actors and reciting passages from Lawrence's Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Finney impressed Lean and producer Sam Spiegel, but Spiegel demanded Finney sign a multi-picture contract. Finney refused, instead performing his Star-Making Role in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning while Lawrence was still in production. Enter Peter O'Toole and the rest is history.
  • AFI Accolades:
    • "100 Years. . .100 Movies" - #5
    • "100 Years. . .100 Thrils" - #23
    • "100 Years. . .100 Cheers" - #30
    • "100 Years. . .100 Heroes & Villains" - #10, TE Lawrence
    • "100 Years. . .100 Movies (10th Anniversary) - #7

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