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Trivia: Law & Order: UK
  • Actor-Shared Background: Matt Devlin is of Irish ancestry, just like Jamie Bamber.
  • Blooper/Corpsing/Hilarious Outtakes: When Matt laughs far longer than necessary at a witness' idiotic comment and eventually turns away from the camera to compose himself, it's obvious that it's Jamie Bamber himself cracking up, especially since the straight-faced Ronnie continues questioning the witness as if nothing has happened. Ironic, as it's Bradley Walsh who has the comedic background. In fact, most of the outtakes involve him causing the second trope to happen to the other actors in the scene. In one clip he specifically asks "Did he go?", referring to Bamber, indicating that he deliberately said something to make him laugh.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: Walsh, to simulate Brooks' sugar craving acquired after he gave up alcohol, gained two stone in weight.
  • Fake Irish: Subverted. Jamie Bamber was born in London, but has Irish ancestry and citizenship thanks to his mother. Matt reveals his Irish heritage to a young prostitute he's interrogating and states that during his rookie year's he was "called mick for the first 6 months because my family are Irish", but his background is slightly different—in an interview, Bamber described Matt as being from "an immigrant Irish family" indicating that he was born in Ireland and then emigrated to England.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Hell, the whole shows full of it,!
    • Juliet Aubrey, aka Helen from Primeval in Episode 3.
    • Jamie Bamber (Apollo/Archie Kennedy) working for...
    • ...the lingerie factory boss from Corrie!
    • Freema Agyeman (Martha) working for the CPS.
    • It was quite a shock to find George Castle was really Professor Edwin Bracewell in "Victory of the Daleks".
    • Natalie Chandler is Harriet Vane!
    • Bill Paterson once appeared in a mini-series called Criminal Justice as a policeman. For added irony, he called the Crown Prosecution Service "the Can't Prosecute Service."
    • Dr. Moon has shown up as a defense attorney several times, most infamously as that for Matt's killer.
  • Irony as She Is Cast: Matt butchering the French language when trying to talk to a witness when in Real Life, Jamie Bamber speaks excellent French (aside from an early childhood spent in Paris, it's one of two languages, the other being Italian, that he studied for his Modern Language degree).
  • McLeaned: Matt Devlin was killed in a drive-by shooting when actor Jamie Bamber finished his contract; at the time he was doing a pilot for a US show which was not ordered to series. The writers probably wanted to kill off a major character to provide good drama, so it's a pretty classic example of Reason #1 for this trope the following episode was one of the series best as the team struggled to deal with their grief while doing their best to ensure that his killer was brought to justice.
  • Playing Against Type: Walsh is a well-known comedic actor and game show host who was thoroughly impressive as Brooks.
  • Recursive Import: Has begun airing on BBC America.
  • Short Run In Peru: Episodes 8 to 13 of Season 1 had already aired in Canada.
  • Theme Music Abandonment: Though it must be said, this show does have a fairly rousing theme of its very own.
  • Too Soon: Because its plot bore considerable similarities to a Real Life murder that occurred the day before it was scheduled to air, the Series 8 finale "Repeat To Fade" was pulled from the schedule and replaced with a Season 5 repeat. It took nearly a month for it to be rescheduled.

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