Trivia / Law & Order: LA

  • Fake American: Alfred Molina.
  • Fake Nationality: Again, Molina. Playing as the Mexican-American Detective Ricardo Morales.
  • Fan Nickname: LOLA.
    • Also crosses over into the production itself as in one behind the scenes clip, you can hear someone say "LOLA" in reference to the show and crew.
  • Screwed by the Network: Sure, the ratings weren't that great, but what with being constantly shuffled around, going through a mid-season retool (after which ratings improved) and then showing the episodes out of order so that the end-of-season Cliffhanger played right in the middle of the season made a lot of fans think that NBC never gave the show a chance.
  • The Wiki Rule: Law and Order Wiki.

Alternative Title(s): Law And Order Los Angeles