Trivia / Land of Oz

  • Adaptation Overdosed: While the movie is better remembered, the books have a lot of adaptations ranging from comic books to film to cartoons made in Russia.
  • Creator Backlash: As the books went on, Baum became increasingly annoyed with how they began to dominate his bibliography and how he was unable to work on any other project since the public just demanded more and more Oz books. Baum attempted a few times to decisively end the series with increasingly final-seeming spells that kept more people from finding Oz or blocking the readers from seeing Dorothy's adventures but none of these took and the Oz books continued to be published long after his death.
  • The Other Darrin: Not with a character in the book, but with the illustrators (switched to John R. Neill after The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) and later with the author. There is one brilliant illustration in Road To Oz (illustrated by Neill) in which Dorothy looks at a tin statue of herself, appearing "as she was when she left Oz." The tin statue shows Dorothy in the original illustrator's style, but the Dorothy studying the statue is in Neill's style.
  • Science Marches On: Note to readers of The Patchwork Girl of Oz: Building your house out of solid radium is actually a really bad idea.
    • It gets better. The character in question actually says "It is a medicine, too, and no one can ever be sick who lives near radium."
  • Torch the Franchise and Run: L. Frank Baum attempted to do this when he grew tired of writing sequels despite the demand from his fans and publishers. He had established that nothing dies in the land of Oz, so he couldn't kill anyone off. In the sixth book, he tried to use the Literary Agent Hypothesis to justify never writing a single thing about Oz again because an invasion caused Oz to become isolationist and totally cut off all contact with the outside world, thus promising to never ever write another story about Oz ever again. When his other books failed to sell as well, he had to begin writing stories about Oz again to pay his bills, backpedaling and explaining that they discovered the radio in Oz that Dorothy could use to broadcast Baum news about Oz.
  • Outlived Its Creator: When Baum died, the publisher found another author (Ruth Plumly Thompson) to continue the books.
  • Un-Canceled: Baum only intended to write the first book. Then, he wrote a sequel, following the success of a 1902 musical adaptation he wrote, using many of the elements he put into the stage version, hoping to adapt it, as well. Then, he wrote four more and ended the series. Then, he wrote eight more, until his passing, at which point Ruth Plumly Thompson took over and wrote 19 books before passing on the torch to illustrator John R. Neill, who wrote three books. Jack Snow wrote two books, and two more authors each wrote a book, totaling forty books. And that's just what's considered canonnote .