Trivia / Konami

  • Creator Breakdown: 2015 was the year the entire company seemed to have a psychotic break and start thrashing around in a violent fit of frothing madness, destroying everything it ever created in an apparent attempt to commit suicide.
  • Fan Nickname: "Konmai", from a typo in GuitarFreaks 8th Mix and Drummania 7th Mix, often used by fans when referring to bugs and other mistakes in Konami games, something that is typically referred to by BEMANI fans as "Konmai Quality".
    • "Komoney," by Yu-Gi-Oh! fans.
    • With recent and very strange directions the company itself has gone in during the year of 2015, combined with their poor treatment of Hideo Kojima, a new fan nickname, started by Jim Sterling, is #FucKonami, and all its derivatives.