Trivia: Kokoro Connect

  • Hey, It's That Voice!: You might recognize some of the voices here...
  • Internet Counterattack: Infamously, there was a promotional prank gone wrong involving Mitsuhiro Ichiki and the other co-stars of the show Takuma Terashima and Hisako Kanemoto where Ichiki auditioned for a fake role and got publicly humiliated for it. Initially an event occuring in the shadows, composer Hajime Kikuchi enigmatically tipped the Internet off about the existence of the prank on Twitter, leading to 2ch doing some detective work to expose it in all its colors; needless to say, the Internet saw the event as bullying (which is a sensitive issue in Japan) and decided to show the staff what they thought of their prank by — as per the course for an Internet Counterattack — cancelling their preorders of the first BD volume and bombarding Amazon with one-star reviews. Additionally, Kikuchi left the band Eufonius out of shame of implicitly starting the whole counterattack in the first place.
    • But as a sort of compensation, Mitsuhiro Ichiki eventually voiced at least a minor role in the series, and Ichiki himself said that people should forget the incident.note