Trivia / Klax

  • Port Overdosed: Atari Gamesnote  went insane with this game back in the day. Name a console or computer available in 1989; it has a version of Klax. Even the Atari 2600 has it, which was the last official game made for it. The story goes that this was the end result of what was essentially a giant middle finger from Atari Games to Nintendo. Nintendo's policy back in the day was that all games published on the NES could only be on the NES, and no other console. Atari Games (who published console games through their Tengen note  division), by this point fed up with this policy, decided to circumvent it by manufacturing their own cartridges on the rationale that, since Nintendo technically wasn't publishing it, Atari didn't have to follow their exclusivity policy. They then further responded by doing the exact opposite of what Nintendo wanted and releasing the game on virtually every major gaming system at the time. Needless to say, there had been some bad blood between Nintendo and Atari Gamesnote  ever since.