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Trivia: Kiss
  • Black Sheep Hit: KISS' highest-charting single in the United States is "Beth", which is a tender ballad that uses a piano and a string quartet with Peter Criss on vocals. It's radically different than typical KISS songs with feature guitars and drums with either Paul or Gene on vocals.
  • Cash Cow Franchise: One of the most egregious examples in any medium. They have all kinds of licensed merchandise, including action figures, comic books, condoms, and, last but not least, the infamous Kiss Kaskets (in one of which Dimebag Darrell was buried). As of 2013, Gene and Paul now own their own arena football team in Los Angeles. The team will be named the LA Kiss and use the band's logo. In addition, purchasing a season ticket will also include access to a KISS concert.
  • Creator Backlash: In some interviews in the early 90s, Gene pretty much disowned everything from Lick It Up through Hot in the Shade.
    • In October 1993, Gene and Paul rated their work to that point for Goldmine Magazine. When it came to Music from "The Elder", Paul gave it a question mark and Gene said, "As a Kiss album I give it a zero. As a bad Genesis album, I give it a two."
      • Ace said that he threw a tape of the album against the wall because most of his solos had been edited out.
      • Interestingly, one song, "A World Without Heroes", was revived for the MTV Unplugged show..
      • They didn't have much good to say about their Made-for-TV Movie KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park either.
      • Both Unmasked and Dynasty are generally not fondly remembered by the band due to the overly polished production compared to the last few albums and sounding too far removed from the band's signature sound.
  • Executive Meddling: Music from "The Elder" had its song order rearranged so that both sides would start with songs the record company wanted to be singles. This is why the story on the American edition makes no sense.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Possibly the Trope Codifier for musical artists. If you accuse Gene Simmons of being a sellout, he'll just laugh and agree with you wholeheartedly. He has stated several times over the years that the reason he became a rock musician was because he wanted to get rich and get girls, which is exactly what he did, many times over. Further exemplified by the fact that Simmons actually owns the trademark to the image of a sack of money with a dollar sign on it. When British indie rockers Teenage Fanclub put that image on the cover of their 1991 album Bandwagonesque, the band's label wound up giving Simmons a cut of the royalties.
  • Name's the Same: Gene is not to be confused with the actress Jean Simmons.
  • Old Shame: Their album when the band was still called "Wicked Lester".
  • One of Us: As stated before, Gene Simmons is a lifelong comic book geek and amateur magician who loves Stuff Blowing Up.
  • The Pete Best: Ron Leejack, lead guitarist when the band was still called "Wicked Lester"
  • Promoted Fanboy: Tommy Thayer used to be in a Kiss tribute band. He then co-wrote a couple of filler songs for Kiss during The Eighties. Then he was a session musician in the Psycho Circus album. Moreover, he also used to be Kiss' tour manager and Ace Frehley's guitar coach during The Nineties reunion era before finally being made a band member and taking over Frehley's guitar chores.
  • What Could Have Been: The Keep, the only band that had two former KISS members, Peter Criss and Mark St. John, as official members. Recorded a couple of demos which were poorly received, and the band promptly imploded after some disagreements between Criss and St. John.
    • Couple of songs were eventually re-recorded and released on different solo projects by both members, however.
    • Criss had a short-stint with a female-fronted rock group called "Balls Of Fire" that only played seven live shows before breaking up.
    • Criss was also recording a rock album as a follow-up to "One For All" and it was almost finished(the vocals were the only left to add) when both he and his wife were diagnosed with cancer and the project got left on the sidelines.
    • During the Dynasty Tour, Stanley wanted to have a headgear that fires a laser out of his right eye during the show (likely to mock the oh-so mediocre special effect from their movie), but found out he and/or the audience could be permanently blinded if he tried it once.
    • There were plans for a travelling KISS-themed amusement park the same year, but that wound up being nixed due to the cost being too expensive.
    • Eric Carr initially used to take the persona of an hawk. Needless to say, it didn't looks great. Paul even noticed the resemblance with Big Bird !
    • Also, after the failure of Unmasked, the band started to work on an album called "Rockin With The Boys", which was supposed to be a return back to their Hard Rock roots and included the songs "Partners In Crime", "Nowhere To Run" and the original "Love's a Deadly Weapon". However, they ended up with Bob Ezrin and produced instead one of the less liked albums overall, Music from "The Elder", which sold even worse than Unmasked.
    • After Ace Frehley left, before they brought in Vinnie Vincent, KISS seriously considered bringing in Eddie Van Halen. Gene had briefly managed Van Halen before they got their record deal and Eddie was very unhappy with the direction of the band at the time (particularly his frequent clashes with David Lee Roth and being forced to record so many covers). Ultimately both KISS and Eddie decided it would be best if Eddie stuck with Van Halen and KISS sought a new guitarist elsewhere.
    • Vinnie Vincent while auditioning for the band was also in a project with New England drummer Hirsch Gardner called "Warrior" and he recorded a few demos of songs which would later end up on the "Vinnie Vincent Invasion" albums, the demos featured vocals by Jeff Scott Soto and Vinnie himself, the project was ultimately abandoned when Vinnie was accepted into KISS.
      • Vinnie was also working on a project called "Guitars From Hell" in the late 80s/early 90s with Robert Fleschman after the break-up of "Invasion", some demos were recorded but the project fell apart after Vinnie went behind the record labels back and tried to get a better deal elsewhere, leading the label to cancel the project.
      • In the mid-90s he also planned to release a solo album called "Guitarmaggedon" and the "Euphoria" E.P. was a teaser for it, but the album never came out.

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