Trivia: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

aka: Kingdom Hearts 3 D
  • Acting for Two:
    • Kouki Uchiyama voices both Roxas and Neku in the Japanese version.
    • Sora and Vanitas in any language.
    • Roxas and Ventus also share a voice actor in both languages.
  • Fan Nickname
    • Sora and Riku's dual attack has quickly earned the name the Ball Buster Keyblade.
    • The Xehaborg and Borganization XIII for the second Organization XIII after they attempt to turn Sora into a Xehanort vessel.
      • Organortzation XIII and Organization XIII-2]] seem to be picking up steam, especially the latter.
      • Braignort and Isanort to mirror Terranort.
      • Some use Soranort and use the same aforementioned parallel when discussing Sora falling to darkness and becoming a Vessel.
    • Portmanteau names such as Axelea and Xigbraig have been popping up as of this game, mostly to signify you're talking about the character in general, rather than a point of time in their life.
    • Kingdom Hearts: Inception Riku's inside Sora's dreams in the Dream World, then goes further into his own dreams to defeat his personal foe near the end of the game.
    • "Norted" has become the term for characters becoming a Vessel of Darkness whether it be canon or not. Also, "Nortification", for the process into becoming one.
    • In line with BHK and OBM for Roxas and Xehanort, there's YMX for the younger Xehanort introduced.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • I Knew It:
    • Who hasn't suspected Notre Dame or Neku Sakuraba showing up sooner or later?
    • The idea that the game is taking place in a dream, with new, dream-based enemies.
    • When the Fantasia world was confirmed, people suspected that Chernabog would be making an appearance. And they were right.
    • Fans knew a world for TRON: Legacy was coming due to the popularity of the Space Paranoids level as well as the movie's popularity in Japan.
    • The "symbolicness" of the cover, a lot of fans expected Riku to be the true hero of the story.
    • We also knew that Pinocchio would get a world sooner or later. Heck, we knew it in 358/2 Days.
    • Some fans have always insisted that Nobodies do actually have hearts, despite the games claiming the exact opposite. Enter Xemnas explaining they're half right. Nobodies are indeed created with no hearts, but develop replacements for their hearts over time.
    • Some fans have speculated that the depths of Sora's heart looks like the Destiny Islands. They were right, as when Riku dives into Sora's heart to wake him up, he finds Xion, Roxas, and Ventus on a perfect replica of the island Sora, Riku, and Kairi visited when they were younger.
  • Milestone Celebration: 3D is a large part of the series' 10th anniversary celebrations; the logo for it is emblazoned in the top right corner of the games cover, and it also accompanies 358/2 Days and Re:coded in a special anniversary box set. Additionally, a limited edition 3DS console with a unique 3D-inspired design is being released.
  • No Export for You: Despite Nintendo Of Europe getting the rights to publish the game in Europe, due to Square Enix's rather unfortunate decision to not localize the written text for Italy and Spain, Nintendo Ibérica, the latter's subsidiary of NOE, has now decided not to publish the game anymore. This means that, despite the Nintendo 3DS' Region Coding no longer being an issue due to the PAL version of the game still getting released in other European countries, Spanish fans will have to import the game anyway (unless they find said PAL version of the game at "select retailers").
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Rhyme in both versions. In Japanese, she's voiced by Ayana Taketatsu instead of Hitomi Nabatame. In English, Ashley Rose replaces Kate Higgins.
    • Ben Diskin takes over Young Xehanort from David Gallagher, who voiced him in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.
    • None of the Hunchback of Notre Dame actors reprise their roles except for Jason Alexander (Hugo) and Charles Kimbrough (Victor), though two of them are dead.
    • Zig-Zagged with the Tron: Evolution characters. While none of the movie actors return to voice the characters, Fred Tatasciore reprises his role as Kevin and CLU from the TRON: Evolution game and TRON: Uprising.
    • Hayden Panettier has replaced Alyson Stoner as Xion.
  • Talking to Himself: Sora and Vanitas have a cutscene together, sort of.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The Heartless and The Nobodies were replaced by the Dream Eaters.
    • There was originally going to be greater differences between Sora and Riku's stories. Sora was planned to return to Space Paranoids, with only Riku visiting the Grid (there are elements of The Artifact here; note that Sora's plot is concerned with reconnecting with Tron, while Riku is the one with the condensed Tron: Legacy plot). Additionally, Sora's Symphony of Sorcery would've been Fantasia-based, while Riku's would've been Fantasia 2000-based.

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