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Trivia: Kevin Smith
  • Broken Pedestal: Kevin got a chance to make a documentary on his musical hero Prince about his journey to religious enlightenment. The purple one's Cloudcuckoolander antics, vague instructions and habit of making people wait eventually took their tole on Kevin, who ended up missing his first Father's Day as a result, but the final straw was when he found out the final film wouldn't even be released and would only be in Prince's infamous "vault." Kevin left the project without so much as a thank you.
  • Old Shame: Subverted. He found the process of working on the Superman reboot frustrating but still a dream come true, even if it was never made (especially since he got to spend a lot of time in the Superman archives). And he found Jon Peters to be too (unintentionally) funny to really dislike. After all, it is one of the most famous stories he tells people.
  • One of Us - see Promoted Fanboy
    • Also a troper.
  • Promoted Fanboy - Pretty much the textbook case. He was a movie obsessed comic book nerd who went on to become a respected film director, screenwriter and comic book writer.

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