Trivia: Kelly Kelly

  • Actor Existence Limbo: Kelly took a hiatus from the company in the summer of 2012 and was still promoted and featured on the website, despite not being around. She made a return for one match and one multi-Diva appearance at Summerslam before taking even more time off. She was even shown in a graphic for a battle royal that she did not participate in. She was eventually released in October.
  • Romance on the Set: With Batista briefly. He said she was "too immature" for him (forgetting what happens when you date a girl half your age). She also tragically dated the late Andrew "Test" Martin. It was thought that they had split up by the time he died but was revealed they had still been together.
  • What Could Have Been: They were certainly going for some kind of storyline with Kharma which had to be dropped when the latter got pregnant.

  • Was planning to try out for the Olympics in gymnastics but fractured her tail bone at a young age, putting a stop to that plan.
  • Never played a heel at all in her career. The closest she came was being on a heel team when she was still with Mike Knox.
  • The first Diva to defend the World Heavyweight Championship.