Trivia: Kate Bush

  • Bad Export for You: The British versions of her early albums are considered to have better sound than the American ones.
  • Breakthrough Hit: Popular from the get-go in her native Britain since "Wuthering Heights", Hounds of Love was her American breakthrough.
  • Creator Backlash - In this interview, she reveals that she hates a lot of her older songs:
    Interviewer: Which of your old songs make you wince?
    Kate Bush: My God, loads. Absolutely loads. Either the lyric's not thought out properly or it's just crap or the performances weren't well executed. But you have to get it in context. You were doing it at the time and it was the best you could do then. You've got to live with it. Some of those early songs, though, you think, 'What was I *thinking* about? Did *I* write that?'
  • Executive Meddling: "The Sensual World" was originally based on Molly Bloom's monologue in Ulysses, but James Joyce's heirs wouldn't let her use the text and she had to rewrite it. After the copyright on Ulysses expired, it was released with the original lyrics as "Flower Of The Mountain" on Director's Cut.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • She once sang a comic duet with Blackadder. The Prince Regent (Dr. Gregory House) was in the Experiment IV video. Lord Percy was in This Woman's Work, Elizabeth I was in The Line, The Cross and the Curve, Dr Johnson (Hagrid) was in the video for the new version of Deeper Understanding, General Melchett appeared on 50 Words for Snow.
    • Experiment IV also had The Reverend Geraldine Grainger, Deeper Understanding co-starred Vince Noir.
  • One of Us:
    • Kate seems to be something of a cinephile, given that many of her songs are inspired by movies.
    • She also seems to be be big fan of British TV comedy, judging by the guest stars in her videos and on her albums.
    • Her first hit single was more or less a Filk Song about Emily Brontė, so...
  • Reclusive Artist: She gained this reputation due to her reluctance to play live shows after her first tour (except for special occasions, like doing Live Aid with David Gilmour), her dislike of interviews and the long hiatus between The Red Shoes and Aerial (over a decade). During this time, she was simply spending time with her family and take a break to raise her children, but this didn't stop the rumour mill from claiming she was seriously mentally ill (perhaps stemming from her Cloud Cuckoolander reputation) or morbidly obese from being depressed and eating chocolate. In one interview, she wryly noted how this massive weight gain always seems to disappear right before she makes one of her rare public appearances.