Trivia / John Hughes

  • Artist Disillusionment: The death of John Candy in 1994 seems to have caused Hughes' decision to step back from the Hollywood scene and become a Reclusive Artist. Hughes's friend, Vince Vaughn, said in an interview that Hughes would probably helmed more films as a director, if it weren't for Candy's untimely death.
  • What Could Have Been: He wrote a bunch of Shermer stories, and even continued writing them after he left the Hollywood scene. It goes without saying that his fans would REALLY like to take a peek at his notes.
    • Even while he was active, he had a bunch of ideas that never came to fruition.
      John Hughes: I may be writing about young marriage. Or babies. Or Breakfast Club II or a woman's story. I have a million ideas and can't decide what's next. I guess I'll just have to dive into something. Maybe a play.
    • The above quote is from a letter John wrote to a then-teenage girl named Allison. They were pen pals for several years.
    • He wrote the first draft of Dumb and Dumber. Due to the deal he made with the directors, his name was to be stripped from the project, including the script.
    • Many examples of unproduced screenplays he had wrote and were rejected by studios were:
      • National Lampoon's Jaws 3/People 0 (1979). A documentary spoof of the making of Jaws. Due to a lawsuit from Steven Spielberg looming if it was made, Universal Studios scrapped it.
      • National Lampoon's The Joy of Sex (1981). A comedy anthology film about the life of a young man obsessed with sex, even when he enters adulthood. It was originally to star John Belushi and be directed by Penny Marshall, but when a reluctant Belushi decided to go ahead with the film, he died from a drug overdose the next morning and Paramount did not produce the movie. The script was eventually re-written as a teenage sex comedy under the title Joy Of Sex in 1984. Matty Simmons was involved with the movie, but ordered to have his name and the National Lampoon moniker taken off the film after he saw the final cut.
      • The New Kid (1985). A movie meant to star Anthony Michael Hall as the new kid in college.
      • Oil and Vinegar (1987). A comedy-drama road movie meant to star Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy. Broderick would play a groom driving out of town to a wedding with Sheedy as a hitchhiker that he picks up. They both then talk about their personal problems in the car for the remainder of the trip.
      • Bartholomew Vs. Neff (1991). A comedy meant to star John Candy and Sylvester Stallone as feuding neighbors.
      • Tickets (1997). A group of teenagers pull an all-nighter waiting for tickets to a legendary rock concert.
      • Grisbys Go Broke (2003). A middle-class family lose all their money and are forced to spend the holidays frugally. It was rumored that Paramount was going to make this movie upon the passing of Hughes, but this has yet to be determined.