Trivia / John Hughes

  • Artist Disillusionment: The death of John Candy in 1994 seems to have caused Hughes' decision to step back from the Hollywood scene and become a Reclusive Artist. Hughes's friend, Vince Vaughn, said in an interview that Hughes would probably helmed more films as a director, if it weren't for Candy's untimely death.
  • What Could Have Been: He wrote a bunch of Shermer stories, and even continued writing them after he left the Hollywood scene. It goes without saying that his fans would REALLY like to take a peek at his notes.
    • Even while he was active, he had a bunch of ideas that never came to fruition.
      John Hughes: I may be writing about young marriage. Or babies. Or Breakfast Club II or a woman's story. I have a million ideas and can't decide what's next. I guess I'll just have to dive into something. Maybe a play.
    • The above quote is from a letter John wrote to a then-teenage girl named Allison. They were pen pals for several years.