Trivia / Jim Butcher

  • Awesome, Dear Boy: He admits that he took a sizable pay cut to write Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours for Marvel just because he really wanted to write Spider-Man.
  • One of Us:
    • As said above, he wrote Spider-Man because he really wanted to.
    • He also enjoys The Nostalgia Critic and requested that he review the TV version of The Dresden Files. He got his wish.
    • It shouldn't be surprising, but not only was he directly inspired by Star Wars novels as a kid to become a writer, he's also an avid gamer.
    • He plays League of Legends most nights and his summoner name for playing with fans is jimbutcherauthor. Feel free to add him.
    • He also has a TV Tropes account. Yes, he is a troper.
  • Line to God: He has a LiveJournal.
  • Word of God: He pops into fan forums (including on this very site) every once in a while to confirm or joss plot points.