Trivia: Jeeves and Wooster

  • Hey It's That Guy: American viewers whose only exposure to him has been in House are often startled to see that Hugh Laurie was ever as young and clean-cut (or as British) as he was here. Ditto for the other British comedies Hugh Laurie has been on (Blackadder and A Bit of Fry and Laurie)
    • Pvt. Frost pops up every once in a while as a lift operator.
  • Hey, It's That Place!: Totleigh Towers, home of the Basset family, is Downton Abbey.
  • In Bertie In Love, Jeeves identifies Aunt Agatha's dog Macintosh as an Aberdeen Terrier. The animal on screen is actually a West Highland Terrier, a related but distinct breed.
  • The Other Darrin: Over four seasons, we have had two Gussies, three Madelines, two Agathas, two Barmies, four Dahlias, two Claudes, two Eustaces, and two Bingos, to name a few.
    • Reaches Mind Screw levels when you realize that the first Madeline comes back as the second Florence. Especially bizarre in the last episode where the two characters actually share scenes.