Trivia / Jack Barry

  • Career Resurrection: After the rigging of 21 brought his career down in The Fifties, he bounced back in The '70s with The Jokers Wild and Tic-Tac-Dough.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Many veteran game show announcers provided the narration for some Barry-Enright programs. Among them were Jack Clark, Johnny Jacobs, Johnny Gilbert, Art James, Bob Hilton, Marc Summers note , Jay Stewart, and Charlie O'Donnell. Jay Stewart, who began working for Barry-Enright in 1977, was the announcer on whom the company relied most during their peak period from 1977 to 1984. Stewart left the company in 1981, after his daughter's suicide, and was replaced by Charlie O'Donnell. After 1986, when O'Donnell left the company to work for Chuck Barris, the company went back to having rotating announcers until their remaining games ended in 1991.
    • Stewart also provided the narration in the trailers and TV spots for Barry-Enright's controversial but much-loved sex comedy cult classic, Private Lessons, produced in 1980 but released in '81.
  • Production Posse: As mentioned above, Barry-Enright always drew from the same small pool for announcers on all shows. They also usually had Hal Hidey as Theme Tune composer, Richard Kline as director, and John C. Mula as set designer.