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Trivia: J. K. Rowling
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: She never actually wrote the first book on the back of a napkin. When she heard this rumor, she laughed and joked that they'll be saying that she wrote it on teabags next.
  • Creator Breakdown: Early on in the makings of Harry Potter her mother passing away from a years-long battle with multiple sclerosis influenced the more emotionally heavy moments in the story. The theme of death in the last novel was rooted to a lot of Rowlings own feelings about the subject and her faith.
  • Executive Meddling: Actually, she was the executive, and prevented some more "questionable" decisions that Warner Bros. was looking to do with the stories, one of the most famous being her demand that the films be filmed in the UK with a cast of UK actors.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This review of The Cuckoo's Calling
  • What Could Have Been: Turned down Michael Jackson's offer to write a HP musical.
    • How might HP have turned out had her mother not died?
    • The original pitch for the Harry Potter film was for it to be a CGI film, with Haley Joel Osmont being the voice of Harry, and taking place in America. Rowling nixed that.
  • Word of God: Lots of it, but most famously the Word of Gay on Dumbledore.
    • God Never Said That: The rather infamous Ship Sinking interview with Mugglenet. Rowling got attributed with a certain faction of shippers for calling them delusional, when it was actually the interviewers who stated it.
      Emerson Spartz: We thought it was clearer than ever that Harry and Ginny are an item and Ron and Hermione - although we think you made it painfully obvious in the first five books -
      J. K. Rowling: [points to herself and whispers] So do I!
      Emerson Spartz: What was that?
      J.K. Rowling: [More loudly] Well. so do I! So do I!
      Emerson Spartz: Harry/Hermione shippers: delusional!
      J.K. Rowling: Well no, I'm not going to - Emerson, I am not going to say they're delusional! They are still valued members of my readership! I am not going to use the word delusional.
    • And seven years later, it comes full circle with J.K. Rowling admitting Harry and Hermione could have worked out together.
      • To wit, she admitted that the pairing of Ron/Hermione was partly Wish Fulfillment, and that it might not have worked out as an adult relationship, while simultaneously confessing that she felt that Harry/Hermione could have worked (which, frankly, she has admitted before). She mentioned that Ron and Hermione might have worked anyway, but basically admitted that she could have written it better and for the right reasons.

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