Trivia / It Takes a Thief (1968)

  • Fake Brit:
  • Playing Against Type:
  • Stunt Casting: Plenty of it in the third season. Fred Astaire played the Recurring Character Alistair Mundy, Bette Davis guest starred in "Touch of Magic", and Peter Sellers did a Cameo in "Who'll Bid Two Million Dollars?". Also, popular Soul Music group The 5th Dimension played Expies of themselves in "To Sing a Song of Murder" (along with their producer and manager), and racing legend Mario Andretti appeared As Himself in "The Steal Driving Man".
  • You Look Familiar:
    • Susan Saint James played an SIA agent under cover as a flight attendant in the original pilot ("Magnificent Thief"). She then made her first appearance as "Charlie" Brown in the series first episode, "It Takes One to Know One". While they're clearly different characters ( the SIA agent gets murdered), you'd think Al would ask Brown, "You have a twin sister?"
    • In the pilot, Wally Cox is briefly seen as a man trying to buy an airline ticket. In the series' final episode ("Project 'X'"), an Episode on a Plane, Cox plays airline passenger Professor Moses.