Trivia / Is This a Zombie?

  • Actor Allusion: Seraphim's cat-ears experience. Amusingly enough, earlier in that same episode, Maelstrom pulls off the "Moe Moe~ KYUN!" stance while her classmates are trying to help her get Ayumu to reciprocate her love for him.
    • The Ninja Maid scene that serves as the season's climax, though, does play this straight, minus the "Moe Moe~~ KYUN!" bit.
    • The cat-ears return in Of The Dead Episode 7.
  • Fan Nickname: Sometimes the series is jokingly nicknamed "Korean Zombie Desk Car", as a mispronunciation of the Japanese title.
  • Genius Bonus: Chopin's "Tristesse" plays in the bowling alley scene in Episode 3.
  • Star-Making Role: In the dub, Austin Tindle as Ayumu and Morgan Garrett as Sera.
  • Too Soon: The last three episodes were delayed a week due to the Sendai earthquake. Apparently, the broadcaster decided that showing an anime with "violent content" so soon after the 9.0 earthquake would offend sensitive people.