Trivia / Inspector Morse

  • Creator-Preferred Adaptation: Colin Dexter has admitted he prefers the TV series portrayal of the young, Geordie Sergeant Lewis to the elderly Welshman he used in the novels.
  • The Danza: A retroactive example. Chief Superintendant Strange is never given a first name on this series, but Endeavour gives him the first name of James, after the actor who played him in this series, James Grout.
  • Dawson Casting: There's a lot of it in "Last Seen Wearing" — in particular, then 23 year-old Elizabeth Hurley as a 16 year-old student.
  • Playing Against Type: Richard Briers as the evil master of Lonsdale College. Also when the series first started airing, people were surprised that how different Morse was from Thaw's previous portrayal of another police officer, Inspector Jack Regan in The Sweeney.