Trivia / Inside Man

  • Playing Against Type: On the part of the director. Spike Lee, whose whole career to this point had been deliberately controversial films about race relations, is here just a hired hand on a standard suspense film. That said, some race commentary was still worked in, whether by Lee himself or the writers, particularly the scenes involving the Sikh hostage.
    • Disputable. There's a lot of Spike Lee style in the film. Bear in mind this was also the first major film about such a crime in New York post 9/11. A lot of the tensions and attitudes of the police and hostages were due to this. Lee does a good job of demonstrating how much his hometown had changed.
  • Stillborn Franchise: There was talk of sequels and maybe developing a franchise where Frazier and Russell would butt heads over multiple heists but, despite this film's financial success, funding couldn't be acquired and the project was queitly shelved.