Trivia / I'm Gonna Git You Sucka

  • Actor Allusion: At one point, Slammer asks Jack Spade what qualifies him to be a black hero, and Spade retorts, "I'm an ex-football player." In real life, Jim Brown was, of course, one of the leading running backs in NFL history.
    • Bernie Casey (John Slade) was also a professional football player in the NFL
    • Kalinga's wife and two children are blonde and white. When they come out the TV in the other room is playing the theme to The Brady Bunch. Kalinga's wife is played by Eve Plumb, Jan Brady.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: A veritable who's who of Blaxploitation movie stars from Isaac Hayes, Jim Brown, Antonio Fargas and Bernie Casey come out of retirement to save the streets.
    • Lampshaded by the big reveal of Mr. Big — John Vernon! — who points out how a lot of big-name white actors played villains in Blaxploitation films back in The '70s.
    • A good chunk of the cast went on to be in In Living Color! (Five Wayans siblings, Davis Alan Grier, Anne-Marie Johnson, and Chris Rock). Kadeem Hardison and Dawnn Lewis went on to star in A Different World.
  • What Could Have Been: John Cusack shot a cameo as a delivery guy in a scene that ended up being cut from the film. The whereabouts of this scene are unknown.