Trivia / I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC

  • Actor Allusion: Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds) plays Andrew Paxton (also played by Ryan Reynolds) in The Proposal Parody.
    • At the end of Superman vs Thor...
    Loki: So...the Internet seemed to take the whole Ben Affleck thing pretty well.
    Batman: Forgive me, but it's hard to feel intimidated when I keep picturing you sharing cookies on Sesame Street.
    Loki: And forgive me, but verily thou wert Da Bomb in Phantoms, yo.
  • Defictionalization: The "Team Wade" shirt is real now (along with "Team Hal" ones).
  • Missing Episode: The Avengers vs. The Dark Knight Rises Part 2 was never shown because of the tragic shooting during The Dark Knight Rises premier.
  • Money, Dear Boy: In-Universe. Wade Sparrow's motivation for Pirates of the Caribbean.
    • Darkseid, after learning of his nature, believes this of all comic book creators.
  • One of Us: Random Guy and Random Gal, the creators of the series, are both big time comic book fans and overall geeks. Oh, and they know about TV Tropes, with Random Guy even commenting in one video blog "Our TV Tropes page got even bigger?"
    • Also, one of the things that really makes Random Guy and Random Gal stand out as Internet celebrities is their video blog that has been going on every Tuesday night since the summer of 2009. The regular fans are even referenced by name, and two of them were able to visit them in person and chat live with the other fans. Does it get any better than that?
  • The Other Darrin: Lampshaded by Batman and other characters who demand to know why Rhodey looks different in the second Iron Man film.
    • Real-life version: Starting from the Thanksgiving video, Random Guy's sister provided the voice of Batgirl (as it was revealed him and his girlfriend broke up), there is no information on who'll be voicing the female characters in the future.
    • The 100th episode song also contains the line "If Marvel and Edward Norton simply can't agree, we'll see Bruce Banner being played by David Duchovny". Of course, the real The Other Darrin turned out to be Mark Ruffalo.
  • The Other Action Figure: The Iron Man action figure used in the 2007 videos was replaced with the one licensed to the 2008 movie.
    • The convention videos use alternate Spider-Man action figures, as the regular movie-based figures aren't allowed due to orders from Marvel. The viewers are always confused.
    • This trope was also discussed in several videos.
    • And then there's the part in After Hours when Superman and Batman are arguing with each other, they then switch between that, and their Superfriends action figures, where they then proceed to be kind, and sweet and nice to each other. It's rather sickening, to be honest.
    • The Thing figure in the "Fantastic Four Quickie" differs from the one that made token appearances in later videos.
  • Schedule Slip: Zero Hour started in 2009. The finale (episode 7) finally debuted in 2013.
    • He's gotten into the habit of not posting videos for several weeks / months, then releasing a video that says new videos are coming soon. Cue several more weeks / months of waiting until he finally releases one video. Rinse and repeat. This trend really started to happen around 2011 / 2012, so its been going on for a while now.
    • After uploading a video on January 8th 2016, he took until August 3rd 2016 to release another.
  • Talking to Himself: RandomGuy does all the voices. Except for the girls. All of those were done by his girlfriend.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The trailer parodies. Some of the movies tanked, and even the ones that successful likely had scenes that became far more iconic than the trailers.
    • After ten years of videos, the series is still a parody of the long-dead "Get a Mac" commercials.
    • Considering the fact that each video mocks and discusses upcoming releases of that time, many of its jokes and predictions come off as dated.
    • "Hi, I'm Twilight and I'm True Blood."