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Trivia: I Spy
  • Actor Allusion: In "Little Boy Lost" Scott talks about childhood friends including Weird Harold, imortalized both in Cosby's standup routines and later as a character on Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.
    • In "The Trouble with Temple", Scotty tries to fight mind control by blurting out "My name is Fat Albert and I walk like a duck!" when asked for his name.
    • Cosby and Scotty also share the hometown of Philadelphia.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Many famous people guested on the show.
    • In "Little Boy Lost" Opie Taylor is Oscar Goldman's son.
    • In one episode Archie Bunker uses mind control to turn Robinson against Scott.
    • Don Rickles guest stars in one episode as an insult comic. At one point Scott even calls him by his nickname "Mr Warmth".
    • WallyCox is "the most dangerous person alive" when his government job is replaced by a computer.
    • In "The Red Sash of Courage" Harry Mudd wants to kill Kelly for spending a night in a barn with his daughter.
    • In "A Few Miles from Nowhere", Jaws is a "Tiny" problem for our heroes to overcome.
    • In "Happy Birthday, Everyone", Popeye Doyle puts a bottle of nitro in Thurston Howell III's son's pinata.
    • In "Suitable for Framing, Mr Peterman attempts a plot on the President's life with a little help from Plastic Surgeon Rosco P. Coletrain.
    • In "Home to Judgement", Kelly hides in Grandpa Walton's barn from a clean-cut Exidor posing as a mailman.
    • In "So Long, Patrick Henry", Kinch has defected to China, while Coach takes a side job as a reporter.
  • Throw It In: Much of the banter between Cosby and Culp was ad-libbed.
  • Written and Directed by Cast Member: Robert Culp wrote seven episodes and also directed one of his scripts ("Court of the Lion").

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