Trivia / I Spy

The TV series:

  • Acting for Two: Robert Culp as Kelly and the General in "The Warlord".
  • Actor Allusion: In "Little Boy Lost" Scott talks about childhood friends including Weird Harold, imortalized both in Cosby's standup routines and later as a character on Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.
    • In "The Trouble with Temple", Scotty tries to fight mind control by blurting out "My name is Fat Albert and I walk like a duck!" when asked for his name.
    • Cosby and Scotty also share the hometown of Philadelphia.
  • Throw It In: Much of the banter between Cosby and Culp was ad-libbed.
  • Written and Directed by Cast Member: Robert Culp wrote seven episodes and also directed one of his scripts ("Court of the Lion").

The picture books:

  • Milestone Celebration: I Spy Mystery, which celebrates the series' 10th anniversary, and I Spy Spectacular, which celebrates the series' 20th anniversary.
  • Recycled Script: Well, not so much "script", but the Challenger books all reuse pictures from the previous books with newer (and usually much more difficult) riddles.