Trivia / I, Robot

The film:

  • Actor-Inspired Element: The decision to use Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" as Del's wake-up music came when director Alex Proyas heard Will Smith rocking out to it in his trailer.
  • What Could Have Been
    • Harlan Ellison® wrote a screenplay in The '70s (it's still in print!) which was much closer to Asimov's anthology. Unfortunately, the plot (which looked back on Susan Calvin's life in a manner deliberately similar to Citizen Kane) and the FX-heavy scenes (which included a lost city in the Amazon, several alien planets, and a duel in what would later be called cyberspace) didn't fit the producer's vision and/or budget, so it was shelved. Oddly enough, some DVDs of the 2004 film came bundled with a copy.
    • VIKI was originally gonna be male, but writers felt it would give away The Reveal as it would remind viewers of HAL.
    • Will Smith was asked to pen and perform a hip-hop song for the film, as he did for Men in Black and Wild Wild West. After giving it some thought, Smith decided against it, saying the song "I, Robot" which featured lyrics about the "robots comin' " to take over, would take away the serious edge from the film. If it was actually made, there would have been a scene of Will/Spooner and Sonny having a dance fight.
  • Word of God: Though it's not in the text proper, screenwriter Akiva Goldsmith theorized on the DVD Commentary that Calvin's absolute faith in robotics comes from having been a rape victim, believing that robots would never be irrational enough to commit such an atrocity.

The book by Isaac Asimov:

The album by The Alan Parsons Project:

The game by Atari:

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Because it was one of the earliest 3D games made and no home technology at the time was capable of rendering it's polygonal shapes (along with the general poor reception the game received because of said usage of 3D), the game never received any sort of port, even onto computers and hardware that were more than able to run it. Currently, MAME remains the only way to play I, Robot without having to find an original cabinet.