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Trivia: IOSYS
  • Filk Song: As noted on the main page, a number of IOSYS' songs can be thought of as being in the parody-filk style (credit goes to the Touhou Wiki):note 
    • "Alienation" = "Shame" by Shuuchishin
    • "Autumn's Soldiers — Aki Sisters" = "DANZEN! Futari wa Precure" from Pretty Cure
    • "be in love with you" = "Tomorrow" from Full Metal Panic!
    • "Blue Cirno" = "Kuroneko no Tango" by Osamu Minagawa
    • "Bukkome! Yuuka-san! ~ Ano Koro no Uchi wa Yabakatta" = "Rokkinpo Goroshi" by Maximum The Hormone
    • "Burst!!" = "Turbo" by Paul Elstak featuring New Kids
    • "Bursting Summer and Brilliant Watch" = "Renai Circulation" from Bakemonogatari
    • "By the Time the Dream Comes to an End" = "By the Time the World Comes to an End" from Slam Dunk
    • "Cancel Transformation! Gross Keine" = "Douwa Meikyuu" from Otogi Juushi Akazukin
    • "Captain Murasa's Ass-Anchor" = "Danjo" by Tarounote 
    • "Care over!!" = "Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine" by James Brownnote 
    • "Club Ibuki in Break All" = "Love DQN" by CLUB PRINCE
    • "DEAD GIRLS BE-BOP!!" = "Tank!" from Cowboy Bebop
    • "Desire" = "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga
    • "Family's House" = "Hitori" by Gospellers
    • "Fraulein Lilie" = "Kinjirareta Asobi" from Rozen Maiden
    • "Heartful Neko-romancer" = "Thriller" by Michael Jackson
    • "Keine's Drawing Song" = "Soup's Drawing Song" from Okaasan to Issho (see also the parody of this song in Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei)
    • "Kire Kire Mayoi" = "Hare Hare Yukai" from Haruhi Suzumiyanote 
    • "Laser Mari Fantasy" = "Pegasus Fantasy" from Saint Seiyanote 
    • "Letty Whiterock You!" = "We Will Rock You" by Queen
    • "Love-Coloured Damage Report" = "Sketch Switch" from Hidamari Sketch
    • "New Attack Resurrection" = "only my railgun" from A Certain Scientific Railgun
    • "Omorashi no Kami-sama" = "Toilet no Kami-sama" by Kana Uemura
    • "Oshiri Sanae Mushi" = "Oshiri Kajiri Mushi" from Minna no Uta
    • "PAN PAN PANTY" = "PON PON PON" by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
    • "PERFECT FREEZE" = "SKILL" by JAM Project
    • "Saint Marisa's Gift" = "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"
    • "Satosatorirasatosatorirasatorira Daibakuhatsu" = "Yuriyurarararayuruyuri Daijiken" from Yuru-Yuri
    • "Screaming Cool Match" = "Zetsubou Billy" from Death Note
    • "Song for the Cruelty of the Hell of the 60 Year Flowers of Sin" = "Saintly Girl Territory" from Rozen Maiden
    • "There Are No Bombs" = "There Are No Umbrellas" by Yousei Inoue
    • "The Traveling Emotions of Love At A Moon-viewing Hot Spring" = "Usagi" (a Japanese children's song)note 
    • "The Ultimate Yakiniku Restaurant! Orin's Hell Mansion!" = "Love Dial 6700" by Finger Fivenote 
  • No Export for You: There's nothing stopping non-Japanese Touhou fans from buying IOSYS's music... except for the one minor detail that almost none of the stores that stock their material (including their own) ship internationally. Mandarake is about the only online retailer that (a) carries their music and (b) does ship to the U.S.

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