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Trivia: I Miss the Sunrise
  • Lying Creator: A blog post from early in the game's development: "No, this game is not a dating sim." Cut to Episode 4, where you are able to become romantically involved with a single crew member of your choice.
  • One of Us: The developer, Space Lizard, is a troper. You'll quickly notice if you read a few posts his development blog "Makin' it Up".
  • The Wiki Rule
  • What Could Have Been: Willis, Ral, and Amalas were originally intended to be playable characters.
    • There was also going to be a female lacertian named Tonan LaLune who lived on a surface, but built a craft to start a new life. She was cut because of the later storyboard decision that surface life was extremely rare, if practiced at all.

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