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Trivia: Hunger Games OCT
Round 1

Darius Penowlee vs Lunar Mortuna

Ginger Darton vs Asher Theorella

Rettie Benethe vs Ellie Barmier

Ofelia Qian vs Cyril Mors

Rottie Beten vs Kallen Ward

Nara Karter vs Rhona Velaro

Carston Welshrose vs Levis Solan

Azlin Bluestone vs Garrett Lykke

Rasputin Rucks vs Tress Galton

Ame Gater vs Icarus Alden

Jadeite Grace vs Jack Rackam

Roarke Farryn vs Caleb Noley

     Canon Reading 
  • Lunar Mortuna
  • Ginger Darton note 
  • Rettie Benethe
  • Ofelia Qian
  • Rottie Beten
  • Rhona Velaro
  • Carston Welshrose
  • Garrett Lykke
  • Rasputin Rucks
  • Ame Gater
  • Jack Rackam
  • Roarke Farryn

    Total Deaths This Round 
  • Cyril Mors: Swept away by a flood note 
  • Azlin Bluestone: Swept away by water note 
  • Kallen Ward: Fell off a building and impaled on his machete
  • Jadeite Grace: Decapitated
  • Darius Penowlee: Bludgeoned to death
  • Levis Solan: Broken neck. note 
  • Nara Carter: Eaten by Muttations note 
  • Asher Theorella: Stabbed in the chest by a boomerang
  • Icarus Alden: Fell off a cliff when Ame failed to save her.
  • Tress Galton: Suicide
  • Eleanor Barmier: Stabbed in the heart with a trident.

Round 2

Rottie Beten vs Rasputin Rucks

Ofelia Qian vs Garrett Lykke

Ginger Darton vs Ame Gater

Rhona Velaro vs Roarke Farryn

Rettie Benethe vs Carston Welshrose

Lunar Mortuna vs Jack Rackam

     Canon Reading 
  • Rottie Beten
  • Garrett Lykke note 
  • Ame Gater note 
  • Rhona Velaro
  • Carston Welshrose
  • Lunar Mortuna note 

    Total Deaths This Round 
  • Roarke Farryn: Slit throat note 
  • Rasputen Rucks: Hatchet to the neck note 
  • Ginger Darton: Stabbed in the stomach
  • Caleb Noley: Muttation horn through the eye
  • Rettie Benethe: Drowned in a cave flood note 


Carston Welshrose vs Garrett Lykke

Ame Gater vs Lunar Mortuna

Rhona Velaro vs Rottie Beten

     Canon Reading 
  • Garrett Lykke note 
  • Ame Gater note 
  • Rhona Velaro

    Total Deaths This Round 
  • Carston Welshrose: Stabbed with a sword
  • Jack Rackam: Electrocuted
  • Lunar Mortuna: Electrocuted
  • Rottie Beten: Killed with her own hatchet

Round 4 - FINALS

Garrett Lykke vs Ame Gater vs Rhona Velaro

     Canon Reading 
  • Garrett Lykke note 

    Total Deaths This Round 
  • Ofelia Qian: Throat slit by Rhona Velaro
  • Ame Gater: Sacrificed himself to allow Garrett Lykke and Rhona Velaro to escape

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