Trivia / Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals

  • Development Hell:
    • Season four took over a year to come out, and exactly a year after the date it was planned to come out on.
    • Season six was planned to come out on June 11th of 2014, but now it's set to be about ninety days after the Great Typo Cleanup is finished. At this rate, it's highly likely that there will be well over a year between seasons five and six. On the bright side, since said Great Typo Cleanup is also giving HHC a makeover of sorts with some new elements, it's like reading a completely different story, so that might be used to pass any time before season six.
  • Throw It In!: According to the actual author, almost all of the typoes were actually made by accident, he just doesn't bother correcting most of them (those he does are usually to make the story still clear, or to reduce frequency). Many of the intended typoes are either "common" spelling mistakes (alot instead of a lot) or Rouge Angles of Satin intended for humorous effect. This was to give an effect that the story was written by someone who rushed through everything and barely looked back at it, which was partially the case here given the "three days apart each chapter per season" deadlines.