Trivia / Hols: Prince of the Sun

  • Billie Lou Watt: The voice actor of Hols in the English dub.
  • Executive Meddling: Takahata just couldn't catch a break during this film's production. First, he originally wanted the film to center around the widely-discriminated indigenous Ainu people of Japan (today they live mostly in Northern Japan), but Toei rejected the idea. Then, the crew was forced to cut 30 minutes of footage, with whole scenes going unfinished. Finally, Toei only ran it in theatres for ten days, demoted everyone who worked on it, and told Takahata he could never direct another film there again. Ouch.
  • Old Shame: Miyazaki doesn't like to talk about the film, calling it overly ambitious, embarrassing, and the kind of work that only a young person could have made. In an interview dated to just after Future Boy Conan finished airing, he stated that the series' themes were a clearer and more satisfying version of the ideas he and Takahata were attempting to express in Hols.
  • Spell My Name with an "S":
    • Hols / Horus
    • Mohg / Mogue / Moug
    • Coro / Koro
    • Flep / Flip
  • Troubled Production: Infamous for this among those aware of the film's existence. See the entry's page for more information.