Trivia / Hobo with a Shotgun

  • Acting for Two: Nick Bateman plays both Ivan and Rip.
  • Actor Allusion:
    • The original actor who played the hobo in the Grindhouse trailer wields a shotgun in the final confrontation (he's a crooked cop now).
    • Canadian TV personality George Stroumbouloupolis is cast as the Kent Brockman News anchorman.
  • Defictionalization: Started as a trailer in Grindhouse.
  • What Could Have Been: The actor from the original trailer, David Brunt, was originally supposed to play the character in the feature film. However, Brunt disappeared for several weeks and when he was eventually found by the producers they discovered he was intentionally avoiding them because he was afraid to take on the role as he did not think he could carry an entire feature film by himself. The producers consoled him and offered him to cameo in the film instead as the dirty cop. He appears in two scenes and get's the line: We're all dirty cops!