Trivia: Hell's Kitchen

  • Author Existence Failure: A few tragic examples, first with the sudden suicide of Season 2 contestant Rachel Brown, which was then followed by the death of Season 3 contestant Aaron Song from complications of diabetes, and then fellow season 2 contestant Keith "K-Grease" Greene's drowning.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • Will in Season 9 previously appeared on Chopped.
      • As did Season 10's Roshni.
      • And Season 11's Jacqueline.
    • Season 12's Richard previously won a 2012 episode of Chef Wanted
    • Also in Season 9, Cliff from Season 2 of Top Chef makes an appearance when they visit BLT Steak.
    • Speaking of Top Chef, during the charity dinner of Episode 12 in Season 9, it's FABIO!!!
    • Apparently, before getting on Hell's Kitchen, Clemenza cooked for Robert De Niro, which resulted in him having cameo appearances in films like A Bronx Tale and Great Expectations, the latter of which involved him stabbing Robert's character.
    • in the dinner service of episode 7 of season 12, a family night service, Sarah from Master Chef Junior is one of the diners.
  • Name's the Same: The winners of both season 4 and season 10 were named Christina.
  • Promoted Fanboy: All chefs who say they admire Chef Ramsay in the Confession Cam count, but Seth from season 5 fit this so well he seemed almost like a Stalker Without a Crush. He had memorized many details about Ramsay's private life, including the type of cars he drove, and the names of his four children.
  • What Could Have Been: Gloria was originally supposed to stay as the red team's sous chef in Seasons 6 and 7, but either quit or was ditched at the last minute, resulting in Heather acting as a temporary replacement during Season 6, and Andi coming on-board as the permanent replacement for Season 7. It's not known exactly why this happened; some say the producers ditched Gloria because they didn't like her somewhat mopey demeanor and wanted someone younger and more attractive, while others say Gloria quit because she wasn't comfortable with the attention she got from appearing on the show.