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Trivia: Heaven's Lost Property
  • Actor Allusion:
    • In a sense. Episode 4 of season 2 had the boys' side of the school referring Tomoki as OYAKATA-SAMA!! It was a rather common way to refer a lord in those times, but still.
    • The dub makes it a full-on reference. Amusingly, usage of "Your Lordship" prompts Tomoki to imitate Shingen.
    • Episode 10's dub has an accidental one to BECK, what with Tomoki and Eishiro on guitar in the band and all (Tomoki even gets to do some singing, though he's definitely worse than Koyuki).
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Quite a few.
  • Non-Singing Voice: The dub averts this with episode 10's insert songs.
  • The song played in the end credits of Episode 5 is a reference to Kawguchi Hiroshi, an actor acclaimed for his leading role in the Chambara film The 47 Ronin who passed away in 1987.
  • The ending song used in episode six was originally created for a Coca-Cola commercial. The singer, Yu Hayami, would later play Nancy/Rescue Universe in Tomica Hero Rescue Force
  • The solution for the differential equation in episode 3 is sin(x)/x, at least when n=1. Larger values of n break this troper's copy of Mathematica.
  • The solution for the problem they discuss at Sugata's campsite is (Pi * n)/5, where n is any integer.

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