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Trivia: Hanna-Barbera
  • Screwed by the Network: Cartoon Network seems to value Warner Bros.' legacy characters well above those of H-B.
    • An interesting invert overtime, as now the Looney Tunes are given the same "we can reboot" it "better" treatment as they tried giving the Hanna Barbera properties.
      • Of course all of this has kind of fallen on it's false face on DVD, where every year multiple Hanna Barbera, MGM and Warner Brothers cartoons are released on DVD and touted, while fans of the older Cartoon Network shows are left being made to "Keep Circulating the Tapes" either due to WB delivering some "Laser-Guided Karma" Cartoon Network's way or the fact that the shows CN has "Screwed by the Network" in reruns since 2004 beat the pants off CN's orignals in dvd profits.
      • Also note that the time period where CN would spam their original shows alongside their revisionist Brak and Zorak coincides to where it became easy to tell WB had zero interest in continuing older CN shows on dvd, clearly can not be coincidence.
      • So essentially we can assume Scrappy Doo's speech has become "Hilarious in Hindsight"
      • Perhaps even more to the level when you realize CN made that to parody they were banishing the "scrappys" to Boomerang thinking most of their success was from their originals, but in reality i think we can say safely their success was that they had VARIETY, but it is still funny since there's more of Scrappy on dvd now then there are most of the characters he's yelling at. How's that for a statement on popularity!

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